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Tight Ass Cars


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Funny Quotes

People Caught Screwed

(Link under constant construction, still on the look out 4 more things to add...BEWARE OF WHAT YOU SAY!!)

Wqaslop: stfu
Wqaslop: wanna fight??
Wqaslop: sure
Wqaslop: bring it on!!!!
Wqaslop: k punk

live2sprt: Becuase I'm gay
Dreamsweeper1803: ur gay !
Dreamsweeper1803: so am i
Dreamsweeper1803: well im bi
Dreamsweeper1803: i hvae a gf
live2sprt: WHOAAA...I was jk, jeez

Wqaslop: so....
Wqaslop: how are you?
Wqaslop: im fine
Wqaslop: u?
Wqaslop: me
Wqaslop: too
Wqaslop: im fine too
Wqaslop: me also..
Wqaslop: so am i
Wqaslop: me too

live2sprt: dumbass...   [speaking of wqaslop]
Lizdeva: lol
Wqaslop: i know

Dreamsweeper1803: well i have a girlfriend like i mean i have like 5 girlfriends and 2 boyfirends we all get together and do stuff
Wqaslop: whooooooaaaa
Dreamsweeper1803: yep its so much fun !
Wqaslop: fyi
Wqaslop: tmi

Wqaslop: LOTR sucks

Dreamsweeper1803: or well then i kinda like a gay guy

Wqaslop: "fucker"?

live2sprt: tu me aniclla
Billabonggirl317: right

live2sprt: u suck u no that?
Wqaslop: yea

Dreamsweeper1803: im gay 

Billabonggirl317: UGH
Billabonggirl317: it doesnt work
live2sprt: just 4 the stupid ppl
Billabonggirl317: damn straight
live2sprt: lol

live2sprt: I'm gay
Dreamsweeper1803: i luv u
live2sprt: jk

Billabonggirl317: fukc i just fell backwards out of the computer chair

LuciousBabe424: :-Pwait..
LuciousBabe424: i am not ur frined..
LuciousBabe424: i am ur luver
LuciousBabe424: :-D
Wqaslop: ........

live2sprt: fuck u
KiLlAvAmPbUnNyZ: ok
KiLlAvAmPbUnNyZ: when